Create API Douments

This was just an academic project and is not in any way final. The functional outcome can be unexpected. Still this is an attempt to convert the postman json export to a minimal documentation.

Create a collection in Postman get it if you dont have, and save all requests of the same API set into the collection. Don't forget to save a good response as an example to each of the request. Above all give good explanations for each request item when saving. Once this is done, export the collection as a postman json. This json when provided as an upload, will render the minimal documentation.

The whole source of this page is available for view, copy, download and modification for anyone, by just viewing the source and copying the content. This depends on the HTML5 FileReaderAPI, JSON parser, and blueimp JavaScript Templates, jquery, bootstrap and many other open libraries, thanks to all those contributors, who helped to make this true.

Choose Postman Exported JSON.